Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Wednesday weigh in

I've decided that I need to loose a bit of weight and tone up - how I'm going to manage the exercise part though I don't know! I could do with loosing a bit as I am nearly classed as obese according to my BMI score. I know that it can go by weight of muscle etc but I don't have any so that's not why it is high! So I have decided to do a weekly weigh in and you can see (hopefully) progress as I work to loose a stone and a half. That would get me down to 11st which is the ideal for my height. So this weeks weigh in puts me at 12st 7. Keep reading on a Wednesday to see the progress.

Into other news I went into town yesterday and got some fab things in the charity shop. One book I got is about embroidery (but it's too boring to photograph) and the other has kept the girls amused for ages.

I love the felt hats below.

I also got a very cute pair of birds that double up as a salt and pepper set! Aren't they cool?? They even have their own perch!

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ethel and edna's tearoom said...

How spooky! A couple of days ago I decided the same thing about needing to lose weight and when I did the weigh-in... 12st7lbs!!! Shan't tell you my height tho';0) Good luck with the diet, Lindsey (ethel&edna)