Sunday, 17 August 2008

Adipose baby trains for the olympics!

Well we have just got back from visiting a friend whose elder daughter was 7 yesterday. We dropped off the presents and ate some yummy cake so thanks Alex! I made Elizabeth an Adipose baby as she loves Dr Who (as do her younger sister, mum and dad!) I wanted to take some photographs of him and as he had been watching the Olympics with us he decided to try out some gymnastic moves for the photo shoot.

Here he is outside using the washing line as parallel bars - he did do a super spin but he was too quick for me to capture!

He wanted to try the horse vault next but the nearest thing we had was the rocking moose - he seemed to like it anyway.

He liked the slide but decided it was a bit tame for him after the washing line :)

But the team sport that he enjoyed the most was the synchronised snuggling with the girls!

My girls (and Matt) are now pestering for their own Adipose babies. Well guys, it's nearly Christmas!

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Tip Top said...

That is fantastic!!!! How good has that turned out!! I can't work out if the girls look amused or scared!!