Sunday, 10 August 2008

My new style tags and a resolution

So here is one set of my new range of gift tags - made using the cards you used to get in cigarette packets. They started out in 1875 and ran until the 1940s due to lack of available resources during WW2 (roughly as there are some small companies that still made them up until 2001 - see font of knowledge me!) Most of the hundreds I have are the vintage variety though. They are backed with white cardboard although the ones I make in the future will be backed with cardboard from clean recycled packaging - no surprise there then!

These are of garden flowers and I have another 19 sets upstairs waiting to have their photographs taken - see I was busy on holiday! I will show them to you when they are photographed and for sale. These flower ones are for sale in my Folksy shop if you fancy them ;)

And my resolution is not to buy any more craft stuff unless I have an actual need for it - I'm hyperventilating at the very thought!! I'd already resolved not to visit Sams (my fabulous local scrapstore) until October which should be fairly easy as my membership runs out next week but no actual browsing for stuff will be tricky. Although I am going to the fabric section of Oswaldtwistle Mills tomorrow to get some fabric for Tom's quilt which I was planning to make for his birthday last year (and then Christmas and then his birthday this year) so I thought I'd better get my finger out and get it made for Christmas this year! So that's an allowable trip out and I won't even be tempted by their craft section as it's so blinking expensive. So if anyone or anyone catches sight of me going near a craft shop/charity shop/car boot sale just for a look for supplies then you have my permission to sit on me so I can't go.

I'd love your feedback on the new gift tags please!


Tip Top said...

Ok - I will sit on you (ha!) but only if you promise that I can tag along (hehehe no pun intended!) to your October trip to Sam's...

Really do like the tags - the cards are beautiful and you've done a great job with them!!! I might need some........!!

jennyflower said...

Those tags are beautifull! I really nearly bought them off Folksy yesterday but I am absolutely borasic so resisted! Now I am trying to sell my creations I am writing down everything I buy in the way of supplies and am trying to keep out and in fairly even. Really difficlt but a good discipline and an eye-opener to what I was spending before. I have decided I need to cut back my paper-crafting dramatically so would be happy to swap about if there is something you have a need for.

Victorian Lady said...

Love the tags! Great that you can find things like that in such high amounts! :) It's not only a dry heat over here, but I live in an antiques desert too!

I know what you mean about the craft store...I am trying to use up the supplies I have on hand, to finish the projects I have on hand, but SOMEHOW I always need to go to get this or that for those projects and end up losing all willpower! :)

I finished 4 paintings though and am now going to try and catch up on my sewing. In addition to all that, stupid me went and bought 20 yards of gorgeous upholstery fabric to cover the couch...again! That is a need, but I so don't have the time for it with all the fun stuff I have to finish too!

Best of luck to you! :)