Thursday, 14 August 2008

Lovely post!!

Aren't I a very lucky girl - look what was waiting for me when I got back from holiday. A lovely envelope stuffed full of goodies from Lindsey at Ethel and Edna. I'd sent her a sticker maker and some other goodies a while back as she had always wanted a sticker maker and I got these in return :)

I'm particularly thrilled with the Rosie Lee tea bag - she is fabulous!! Anya thinks she is wonderful and keeps offering me a cup of pretend fruity tea with Rosie hanging out the cup! You should do some in brown Lindsey for the non fruity tea drinkers!

I also really loved my Silly Doll - she's even got a Swirly necklace on her so I know she is mine!!

And of course there were chicken things like the sticker above and the bright and beautiful postcard below.

So thank you Lindsey - I'm thrilled with it and Swirly Silly Doll and Rosie Lee are going to fight for a place on my bookcase with the other goodies that live there.

Speaking of chickens I got a book through the post the other day (well month - blushes) from the lovely Emma at Jellybelly*Jellybrain and although I said thank you personally I didn't show the world (well the few people that read this) the book - it's quite appropriate really!

And I want to know how Emma knows that that chicken on the front looks exactly like me when I do exercise!! So thanks Emma and sorry it's taken a while to write about!


Tip Top said...

Eeee, the postman has been busy in East Lancs!!!

Fab little package from Ethel!!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

So glad you liked 'em all. Better late than never. :o)