Monday, 11 August 2008

So a few more tags....

but some of these haven't got their strings on yet - but rest assured they will do soon!

The two above are for quite a specialist buyer - Egypt and railway equipment but you never know who your buyers will be!

I really like these bird ones and have more to list soon but my favourites are the ones below - some beautiful butterflies.

I'd better get off my bum and list some of them I suppose hadn't I? They will be in my Folksy, Dawanda and Etsy shops hopefully this evening.

UPDATE - All added to various shops now so go and have a look! ANOTHER UPDATE - the 3 I listed on Etsy have sold this morning. Those are the butterflies, railway equipment and the Egypt ones :) Better get some more photographs :)


Tip Top said...

Whooooo on the sales! These really are very pretty so not surprised!

Roseberry Crafts said...

Uh oh! I think I'm going to get addicted to your gift tags! They all look fab!