Saturday, 16 August 2008

More post goodies!

My lovely toadstool swap arrived earlier this week from the lovely Patricia and I love it!

Two lovely toadstool pincushions with gorgeous fluffy underneaths and that wonderful spotty fabric on top.

The card she sent is gorgeous too - I want to try paper cutting at some stage but I'm a bit daunted now I've seen this!

And these two cuties were taking shelter underneath the toadstools. The girls have already claimed these but I will wrestle them back at some stage :)


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Get yourself some more post goodies and come and join the camper van swap I'm running on my blog.
I mean - it's not as if you're busy or anyhting are you?!

Tip Top said...


Yeah, I've signed up for the camper van swop too hehehehe!!!

ZenCrafter said...

Thanks so much for the nice post about the toadstool swap. As you can tell, I had some fun with the color combos!