Wednesday, 27 August 2008

On my desk....on a Wednesday

I've decided to join another weekly 'challenge' and this one is 'On my desk on a Wednesday'. I first spotted it over on Curly Pops and thought that it was something I could do easily - not sure I'll manage to do it every week but I'll try! The idea was first thought of by Kootoyoo.

My desk today is actually my coffee table! Here are some gift tags that need the holes punching in them, string attaching and then packaging. There are a couple of sets that need photographing too before being listed in one of my shops.

Here are some more chicken tags - I thought I would stock up on some while I had the tag making things out.

Here are some more of my recycled tags - an old lego box that Matt let me cut up and some paint chip cards rescued from the manufacturer. They are completely recycled too as I use cereal packets etc that are destined for the recycling box as the backing card.

And this book just jumped into my hand at the post office (I officially love my post office because it sells second hand books!) and is destined to be turned into more gift tags. These will probably be going into my Folksy and Etsy shops when they are ready.


Anonymous said...

Pretty tidy desk ! The tags are cute !

Tip Top said...

I wouldn't know where to start on my table its such a mess! I'd have to do my desk at work as its nice and tidy!! But not crafty!