Monday, 11 August 2008

Oh my goodness!

Do you realise how tricky it is finding uniform (particularly P.E. kit) for small children is in Burnley??? Remind me next year to go to Sainsbury's at the start - great selection in all sizes, fantastic staff and a very friendly and helpful woman at customer service who helped me when the stuff didn't come up at 3 for 2 at the till.

Oh and on a side note - my children are going to get me into trouble one of these days. Anya remarks as a man pulls into the parent and child space, incidently in a VERY loud voice 'Look Mummy, that man doesn't have any children. Why is he parking in a child space when he doesn't have a child with him? That man over there in the smart purple shirt and tie' Guess I shouldn't mutter to myself as much!

I'll be back later with some more gift tags :)


Tip Top said...

Been there, done that, on both counts!! I actually encourage Samuel to notice these naughty people!!! And I think I've finally got all the uniform. I'll be fine as long as Samuel doesn't have a big growth spurt between now and starting school - I've already taken some trousers back as they don't fit him now!!!

Tip Top said...

Oh, forgot to tell you - there is a little 'something' on me blog for you!

jennyflower said...

Good girl I say! I only just hold myself back from physically forcing these people to move their cars on PMT week (/fortnight/month/ oh who am I kidding, I'm just a pscycho)

Roseberry Crafts said...

About as difficult as it is in Stokesley I would imagine! I've still got to get the rest of Em's gear for High school which is proving a bit of a nightmare because she's nearly 12 but is the height of an 8 year old and the chest measurment of a 5 year old! Of course all the standard high school gear is swamping her! Can't wait 'till it's all behind me!