Monday, 1 September 2008

This is...... favourite fabric/craft shop.

Well I don't actually have any pictures of Sams so pictures of the things I have made (and one from Anya) from items from Sams will have to do! Sams isn't a proper craft store but more of a scrap store that takes surplus items from companies and offers them to others (for a tiny fee per year) so that they don't go into landfil. I LOVE it there as there is always something different every time you go and you can never really plan which makes for a better rummage in my mind. It is tempting to grab lots of things though because you are never sure whether they are going to be there again - but for £3 a bag, £5 for 2 bags or £13 for a shopping trolley full it's well worth it!

I also love charity shops too for a rummage and fab fabric and my local post office is good source for the books I turn into envelopes and tags.

Thanks to Handmaiden for this weeks theme and to Three Buttons for the idea!

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Tip Top said...

They look really good all together!