Saturday, 25 October 2008

Are you being followed?

Nothing sinister I promise!! Just a new little widgety thing I've spotted on blogger (and I'm sure it's available on other blogging sites too!) down the right hand side of this blog. Here's a piccie so you know what you are looking for.

So if you would like to follow me then just click on the little 'follow this blog' bit. I have the mammoth task of going through the 387 blogs I subscribe too and looking to see a) if they are on blogger and b) if they have the widget up. Although I know there is a way of following a blog before they have the widget up as Ethel and Edna and Foundlings followed me before I had the widget up. Hope that makes sense? Anyway - follow me if you have nothing better to do with your time - thanks!


Jennifer Rose said...

it is a neat feature. I wasn't going to put it on my blog as I use a feedreader for all of them but added it just so people can see other people that might be reading my blog

Miss Frugality said...

I'm following you :-)

I think if you go to the blogger dashboard,you can add from there.
I'm in the same position as you; adding the many,many I subscribe to with bloglines...might be a long term project I think!