Friday, 17 October 2008

Slowly, slowly

The peg bags are coming on very slowly at the moment. I got a really good start to the pile of fabric I had this morning and I sewed the first bits on all 21 peg bags. I think Janine (my Janome sewing machine) was put of by working hard this morning though and didn't want to do much more this afternoon - lots of tangled bobbins and snapped threads. What fun!

Anyway - some of the peg bags are nearly finished and I'm hoping to get some photographed tomorrow. If Janine co-operates that is. Here are some piccies of the fabrics I used - bear in mind that they are inside out (ready for sewing) so the colours are in reality much brighter.

*Edited on Sat morning.* Yeah - the pictures have come out now!! So this is what I will be sewing today although the in laws are popping over for a visit tomorrow so I might be tidying instead :)


Natalie said...

Those are gorgeous fabrics. I've been wanting to buy a good *real* sewing machine. What I have is a small craft sewing machine bought from Michael. And I put her to work a lot :-)
Adore By Nat

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful material, I'm not sure what a peg bag is but I bet they look good.

Tip Top said...

These are looking very fab! I may just need another one!!!!

rejenerate said...

Wow what beautiful fabrics...I'm jealous! :)