Tuesday, 21 October 2008

England day

It's England day at Anya's school today (every couple of months the foundation stage have 'country' days) and she could go to school wearing red and white or traditional Lancashire dress. I initially thought red and white because it's easy but then after Anya was playing with my scarves last night I thought Lancashire dress! And here she is.

She was quite adamant that she wanted to wear a headscarf but wanted one of my brightly coloured 70's ones - I persuaded her to go for the brown one instead. She then picked up my basket , which lives in the kitchen, and said that because they wouldn't have had supermarkets, the ladies will have had to go to the market and that's what she was doing! And I'll bet she was glad of the headscarf this morning as there was an icy wind blowing on the way up to school this morning - brrrrrrr.


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!!! Did she put her lunch in the basket?!

Puglette said...

Your daughter is so cute! She sounds just wonderful.