Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tagged again!

Cor I could get used to this being popular malarkey! This tag came from Daisie.

1. Clothes shop - I can't pass a charity shop without going in to mooch around. I love second hand stuff as you never know quite what you are going to find - like a bright orange and yellow towelling dress :)

2. Furniture shop - my favourite has go to be our local auction house where we got a fantastic sideboard, wardrobes, tables etc. If I had my way all the furniture would be vintage but with kids it's not ideal! Also Ikea holds a place in my heart but I mainly go there for the fabrics!

3. Sweet - yes please!! I'm much more of a chocolate girl than a sweetie girl although I am partial to jelly beans.

4. City - I love Paris. Matt and I went there for our honeymoon and we are hoping to go back for our tenth (yep it's gone that quickly!) wedding anniversary next year. Brussels is also lovely.

5. Drink - fruit tea. Love them, especially blackberry and nettle. Also partial to the odd glass of white wine and a vodka and lemonade now and then.

6. Music - I have very eclectic tastes and like most types of music except dance/trance/hip hop/rap. I'm a Radio 2 girl (especially the music played by Radcliffe and Maconie) and listen to what they play mostly but I do like The Offspring, Dolly Parton (!) and any musical!

7. TV Series - I don't any tv during the week as I listen to the radio instead. At the weekend we watch things that we have recorded like Dr Who, Ugly Betty, Heroes and Torchwood (and not just for Jack and Ianto!)

8. Film - The best film ever written has got to be 12 Angry Men although it is closley followed by The Shawshank Redemption. I also like fluff though and regulary watch Charlies Angels and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

9. Workout - I used to run (well only for a few weeks) but due to being overweight and not used to exercise I knackered my knees. I'm going to usethe time until Septemeber to get fitter and loose a bit of weight and then I can start running again. Then I will have 2 and a half hours free as Tara will be at nursery and we don't have to invest in another jogging buggy :)

10. Coffee - yuck!

That took up a lot more time than I thought (due mainly to searching for pictures of Jack and Ianto from Torchwood!) See you tomorrow!

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Roger Coathup said...

Coffee is not yuck!

Yours sincerely,
Arabica Bean