Monday, 27 October 2008

Out today...

..been out today over at Mum and Dads as it is my mums 50th birthday this week. So we (me and the girls) took her shopping in Harrogate - Matt still isn't well so the planned visit to Leeds didn't happen and we decided to stay closer to home. Lots of nice things bought but it's late and I don't have any photo's of the things we bought so you will have to do with another picture of another treasury I am in :)

This one is called Blue Cats and Their Friend - can you guess who their friend might be? Yep - a cheeky chicken! This treasury was curated by Linda Boucher.

Ok so it was only going to be the one treasury but then I looked through and found I had been featured in another one too :)

So a big thanks must go to Granny's Table - who also masquerades as I Sew Cute!


picciolo said...

just wanted to say hi, congratulations on the treasuries!
: )

Tip Top said...

Well, you must be the treasury queen now!!! Congratulations!