Saturday, 4 October 2008


Right I have been tagged by the lovely Sarah and I'm going to try and think of 7 random facts that you don't already know about me!

1. I really don't like jelly. Yep the stuff that all kids want to eat and I can't stand the stuff! Luckily my lovely hubby likes it and makes it with the girls so I don't have to.

2. I love my kids very much but I really don't want any more children. I don't yearn for more children like some other women do - more children just aren't for me but I don't criticise others for wanting lots or no children. Before I had children I wanted 6 (!) but having had 2 then I know that's my limit :) Obviously now is the time for a picture of my gorgeous girls!

3. My spelling is atrocious! I rely heavily on spell check and if I am writing something and can't find the correct spelling then I will reword the whole sentence! And yes I used to be a primary school teacher!

4. I am a very messy person naturally - my house always looks like a bomb has hit it and to be honest I don't mind it. I am trying to keep my craft room tidy at the moment so that I actually have space to do things though! Obviously I would be happy living in a tidy house but I can't afford a cleaner so messy it will have to stay :)

5. Gosh this is hard! Ermm I like clothes but they tend to be the clothes that no one else likes in the charity shops and I get odd looks for buying them and also wearing them. Even though I had low self esteem as a teenager (and who didn't!) I really don't care what anyone thinks anymore.

6. I'm very happy with my life at the moment. Yes I could be thinner, have more money etc etc but I have a wonderful husband, two gorgeous girls and a lovely (but messy!) house. I have the opportunity to run my own business and I love it! Yes I wish there were more time in the day but I do alright :)

7. This post has taken me nearly an hour to write because I'm helping Anya to play on Strawberry Shortcake on the DS too! It's a tough life :)


Tip Top said...

Well, well well!! I didn't know that your spelling was bad!!

Sarah said...

Awww! Your daughters are absolutely adorable, Lynsey :)