Sunday, 19 October 2008


And no not the ones I normally make from recycled books etc but ones that I got free from Freecycle (although there will be some of my envelopes coming soon as there is a photo shoot scheduled for later today).

Here are the girls with the big box full - they are looking quite scared for some reason!

And here is a peek inside the box - lots of yummy colours there and all sizes too. The lady I collected them from works for a card distributor and they pulp the cards after each season (Valentines, Christmas etc) and they were going to pulp the envelopes but they were saved - phew!!

Right the in-laws are here so off the comp for a while :)


Tip Top said...

Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Envelope heaven I think!

Donna said...

Cor, how lucky were you???!!!

Tip Top said...

On closer inspection, do I recognise the dress Tara is wearing?!

Tizzalicious said...

Oh wow, you're so lucky!