Friday, 31 October 2008

Got the lurgy

Blurggghh!! I have a cold and typically it comes when the girls are off visiting Nana and Grandad and I am supposed to have time to get ready for the craft fair and get cracking on my nephews Christmas present. Oh well!! I had a lovely time yesterday with my mum, dad, sister and her boyfriend (plus the girls) as we celebrated my mums 50th birthday. I can't quite believe that my mum is 50!! Got a few treats from the charity shops in Ripon but they will have to wait until I am feeling well enough to takes photos and actually organise the bags that are still on the kitchen floor!

Here is the card that my mum got. It was made by Ruth and I love that you can just give her a rough outline of what your recipient likes (in my mums case charity shops and beer!) and she comes up with fabulous, fabulous cards. Thanks Ruth - my mum loved it and so do I!

We made up this mosaic and had it printed on a large canvas for my mums birthday as she is a big family person and loves her grandaughters (and daughters!) to pieces. She has just got to decide where to hang it :)


Tip Top said...

Happy Birthday to your mum!! And the card looks like her in the bottom right photo!!!!!!!! Hope you get better soon!

CurlyPops said...

I hope you get better really really soon!
I love the beer on the card...hilarious!

Charissima said...

Hope you're beginning to feel better... the photo collage for your mum is adorable!