Sunday, 12 October 2008

Charity shop goodies!

After being pestered and pestered (!) by Daisie to post my charity shop goodies, here they are!

This was the sneaky peek from the other day - a fab dress. It looks a little shapeless on the hanger but fits really well and has really cool sleeves. Perfect for doing the Birdie Song too! (N.B. the Birdie Song came on when we were in one of the charity shops and me and Daisie were trying desperately not to dance and we succeeded until we got back and I tried on this dress)

I also bought a cardi (surely not!) and it's really beautiful - the buttons are even covered in fine crochet too. And I fell in love with the tag too - Jupiter!

I also found this gorgeous blouse (it's my favourite thing from this trip). It's very swingy and I'll have to be careful to wear it with tighter fitting clothes on my bottom half otherwise I will look like a tent! It came with a matching skirt which will be worn in the summer time with a simple white vest I think! Even though I don't like wasps I really love the print on this top. The only problem is that it will need ironing and I don't iron at all :)

Although you can't see it very clearly in the photo, this dress is made of velvet and is fitted perfectly for my hourglass figure (well it's a pear shaped figure but hourglass sounds better!). The only problem with it is that hideous lace collar which will be coming off straight away. Also - it stinks! It came from one of the smaller charity shops (incidentally where I got my huge button stash from) and I don't think they have the resources (or money) to clean everything before it goes out. It's been through the wash once and is back in again as it still smells - not as badly but still a bit stinky!

So there are my charity shop goodies - I will have to go again with Daisie as we scored pretty well with our bargains!


Daisie said...

Hurrah! There are the goodies!! Must tell you folks that the black dress looks amazing on and will look even better when she;s lopped the collar off!

Net said...

What a great haul! There's nothing like the buzz of great charity shop finds is there?!

Tweed Delights said...

Excellent finds! Great to meet a fellow "non-ironer"!

Natalie said...

He, he, there you go again with your Obsessive Compulsive Thrift Disorder! Actually I've just got back from doing the rounds in Stokesley and I got some really smart stuff and a £3 off voucher from Help the Aged to use next time I spend £10 or more (which will be next week knowing me)!
I love that blouse!

LoneStarVintageClothing said...

Great lot! I think the velvet dress will look so much better w/o that collar! Yikes!