Sunday, 20 November 2011

Best customs form ever! And what came in the parcel :)

The best ever customs form - fabric AND biscuits!!! :) A parcel arrived from the lovely Curly Pops the other day, all the way from sunny Australia. I got lots of lovely goodies - want to see?

The biscuits - a large sharing pack of Tim Tam's. We'll ignore the fact that it says share pack, ok, as they are all for me :)

Some sherbet - this I will share!

Some Go Granny fabric of my very own :) Apologies for the bad photograph but I wanted to keep it in it's plastic wrapping so little hands don't touch it!

Some cool badges :) I want to keep them all but I think the flower and yellow owl might be disappearing off to certain little people!

And some fabric panels - these might become the start of a quilt but they may also be turned into cushions. We will just have to see!

Thanks Cam - your parcel will be on it's way before Christmas :)


CurlyPops said...

So happy that you liked it Lynsey! Everyone needs a GIANT pack of tim tams. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the fabric and panels.

theothermousie said...

WOW!!! Lucky you!! What a great package... are you sure you can't share the tim tams... just a tiny wafer thin share...

Kate Cunningham said...

Yum. Love Tim Tams. Used to buy them in Dubai. My favourites were the caramel ones. Enjoy!

Jennifer Rose said...

lol yep that is the best customs form

gemmipop said...

That's a customs form to have you skipping all day long! Looking forward to seeing what you make with the gorgeous fabric!