Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hebden Bridge Rag Market and a really stupid question

On Sunday Matt and Anya went to the farmers market and Tara and I stayed at home - until I saw a Facebook message about the WI Rag market in Hebden Bridge that was! It started at 11am and we got there at about 11.30. I will try to get to the next one for bang on 11 as it was heaving! Next time I would go without a child(ren) as poor Tara got pushed about quite a bit by mad women on the hunt for fabric! At one point she turned to me and said (in quite a loud voice) 'That lady in the purple skirt stood on my foot and didn't say sorry'. Nothing like an indignant 5 year old to get you stared at! To be fair the lady did apologise and told Tara that she was doing a good job holding *all* that fabric for Mummy - top parent, me! Anyway, enough waffle - lets see the fabric!

Some scraps but enough for a chicken or two - 50p each

5 patchwork panels - £5. I'm thinking that with some extra colour, these would look great as a blanket.

Some pretty linens - £2 for both. The top one is pretty badly damaged with holes in some of the lace bits.

A vintage Sanderson panel - isn't it gorgeous?? This was £6 which is a bit more than I would normally pay but when I pulled it out of the box (it was right at the bottom) a woman nearly grabbed it out of my hand to try and buy so I wouldn't let go! Think of the chickens that will be made from this!

And this part of a quilt - it was £1 :) And now my really stupid question is this (and don't laugh!) What the heck do I do with the bits of paper that are in the back of the quilt? I've never used hexagons in quilts before and I know that it is called paper piecing and I can see tacked stitches. I assume that if I pull the tacked stitches out that these pieces or paper would come out too? See - stupid question! But I would quite like to know please!

All in all I would go to the Rag Market again!


CurlyPops said...

WOwee that vintage Sanderson panel is stunning!

Sheep Rustler said...

Providing the pieces are sewn together (usually with tiny, teeny oversewing) you should indeed remove the tacking threads carefully and the papers should pretty much fall out. Look to see if they are interestingly vintage or just plain old and boring!

A Deegan said...

that last one with the paper templates reminds me so much of patchworking with my mum. we used to use old christmas cards. removing the card was the great "tah dah" moment at the end. great finds

june at noon said...

Great finds! Yes, if the pieces are all stitched together at the seams, then you can remove the tacking and paper templates. Just don't do it until all the pieces are stitched together!

Noreen said...

Would the paper dissolve if you sponged it gently w/water or vinegar water?

Anonymous said...

5 year olds are the best, you can always rely on them to tell grown ups when they do something wrong, I see it as we are bringing them up right, if your daughter had of stood on the old ladies foot she would of apologized with out being told to hahaha. What great fabrics you got from the market I see people have already been kind enough to let you know what to do with the paper backing which is good becuase I would be like you and have NO idea haha. xx