Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunday fun

Hama bead fun - these are only a couple of the many the girls made

I made and listed some envelopes

I put my horns up! Tara did this when she was tiny and it's stuck as a family thing!

And we snuggled quite a bit

Not pictured - the accounts that Matt finished, the tasty roast pork he cooked or the many, many badges he made for me :) Also not pictured is the tidy studio - but you know what that looks like right?


jojoebi said...

putting your horns up like that is the sign for an 'oni' devil/demon in Japanese, oni's are always angry so it can also mean that someone is angry!

There you go, your bit of Japanese cultural education for the day

Daisie said...

Poor Matt, you didn't even show pics of his badges :(

Becks said...

Lol, one of our boys does that oo, it's his angry sign. Or his "I'm going to do the dog's head in" warning!

And the word verification is "cowers" - blogger must be nervous of your horns too :)