Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Clutter be gone!

Although I haven't been posting about the decluttering challenge I have been doing it.

Here are some of the things that will be going to the charity shop. They are actually going today too as I have to get the car out to pick up a parcel and I thought I would combine two jobs!

-A pretty vase - very nice but it doesn't get used (and has never been used since we bought it 7 years ago so out it goes)
-3 books - I finished the Jodi Picoult book while we were in France and gave it to my sister in law but I got it back as she already has it! The other were read last week and I won't read them again. They were good but not good enough to keep.
-a plastic chest of drawers. The girls had this on the windowsill in the front room and it only had some whiteboard markers in so they have been re-homed into a cup with no handle and the windowsill is now clearer. The vase from the top also came from there.
-a pair of too wide shoes. Came from a friend and they are the right size for Tara but far too wide for her skinny feet. They are also much too wide for the friend we normally pass things onto so off to the charity shop they go.
-a tin of plastic knitting needles. I used to collect these to make knitting needle bracelets but they are fairly old and therefore brittle and don't like being boiled much! I had to replace lots of the bracelets I'd made due to the brittleness and I haven't made any for years so off they go....

Not pictured and also going to the charity shop is a big bag of fabric given to me by a friend of a friend that I won't use, 3 carrier bags of clothes from me and some from the girls and a selection of little bits and bobs that I sorted before the challenge began (so they aren't included in my tally!)  I got rid of some girls clothes to a friend and some tops to two different friends. I also recycled loads of paper from the girls finished work drawer - I haven't got space to keep up with their output of work and two shoe boxes which were kept for a possible school thing but we aren't doing it any more so they have been squashed into the recycling too! The tally so far is 59 items (I haven't included recycling things as I would normally do that anyway!) I'm not going to relax now that I have reached my personal target which was 50 and I'm going to see of I can get rid of 100 items this month as my new personal target. In a house this cluttered it should be fairly easy!

P.S. I also completed the 2nd mini challenge of getting rid of some of the overlooked bits of your wardrobe. 6 pairs of baggy and holey knickers (what an image!) went out as well as two bras that were past their best.


Charis said...

I'm also attempting a declutter... I've given some bits and pieces away to charity and have set myself a goal of not buying any more crafting supplies throughout November. Good luck reaching 100!

willywagtail said...

That's great. I would have joined but as I just moved I don't really have any clutter. That is until I have a look in my garage but that can wait for a few more weeks. I even got rid of my old, stressed out sewing machine when we moved. What a relief to not have overflowing cupboards at the moment. Cherrie

Twiggy said...

I've got the decluttering bug too - I've sent about 8 bin liners full to various charity shops, we did a bags2school collection at our school today and most liberating the blardy HUGE TV that was in the spare room, that no one watched, was collected by a fellow Freecycler on Saturday - yay !!
Twiggy x

Tip Top said...

I think I'd better look at my knickers too as I'm sure I'll have some in the same state!!!

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

Good work :)

Hope you reach your 100 - we had a big wardrobe clear out last night - I think if we counted everything individually we'd nearly be in triple digits already but I'll still keep doing the one a day thing - I must form better habits! :)