Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More Decluttering

The girls have been helping me with the decluttering this week and I must admit I have been encouraging them :) I'm also being cheeky and including their items in my total!

They got rid of 5 Barbies (counted as one item), a book, a Polly Pocket car, some sort of toy shelf and a pair of fancy dress shoes.

I've got rid of a rather groovy Royal tray, a book that I have managed to get two copies of, a water pistol (!), some wire coat hangers (counted as one), a toy car thing, a bag that only has one handle (a dodgy design feature!) and some slipper that have inserts in the bottom that can go into the microwave so you have heated slippers. A great idea and perfect if you are just going to be sitting still but they are fairly heavy to walk around in otherwise!

So 12 things this week plus the 59 from last week means a total of 71 items. I'm aiming to take part in the 2 mini challenges too but that will probably be a separate post next week. Happy de-cluttering if you are taking part too.

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