Friday, 18 November 2011

A day in the life - Thursday 17th November 2011

This is what I did yesterday :) Laura chose the date for this Day In The Life but it doens't look like she has written hers yet.

6.27 - alarm goes off and I wake up so I can listen to the news on Radio 2 at 6.30.

6.35 - switch laptop on (it lives in the bedroom overnight after the break-in)

6.37 - check email and write today's Cuteable post (should have been last night but I was too tired)

6.37 - 7.05 - sort emails, shops etc online and then tell girls that it is breakfast time

7.10-7.40 - breakfast. I had porridge with honey today plus a cup of fruit tea and a yoghurt drink.

7.40-7.50 - sort girls lunches for school and find 60p for anti bullying wrist bands (selling them at school)

7.50 - 8.25 - get dressed, teeth, hair etc

8.25-8.35 - pin zips into the last two chickens (for a new stockist) ready to sew later while Matt wrapped presents for our new nephew!

8.40 - 9.20 - school run (we stood outside school and chatted for a bit with some friends)

9.25 - cup of tea and start writing this list!

This is the tea of choice at the moment!

9.27 - 9.50 - sew the two remaining chickens.

9.50 - finish drinking my cup of tea - it's still hot! Wonders will never cease!

9.50 - 10 - dash around gathering packing materials and boxes and envelops to get stuff packed up. Have to rush as Homes Under the Hammer starts at 10 :)

10 - 11.30 - packing the chickens up , parcelling them up along with presents for tiny nephew (eeeek!) and a bit of paperwork that goes along with a new stockist. Home Under The Hammer was watched too.

11.35 - 12.05 post office, and a trip to sarnie shop. Update this list.

12.05 - 12.50 - lunchtime. Eating sarnie and checking blog etc. I had a queen of clubs sarnie. Yum!

12.50 1.10- head down to give blood. App not til 1.15 but have to get taz out and it doesn't always start! Pop dryer on just before I dash out too.

1.10 - 1.55 - give blood, chat to nice people doing it, watch needle go in etc :) Have some nice juice but no biscuit and try not to laugh at lady who bitches and moans about everything!

My arm after giving blood. No bruise - yeah!

1.55 - 3.05 - Asda and Halfords - boring but necessary. Food and antifreeze for Taz's engine bought.

3.15 - arrive home just as Matt is going out to get girls. Ask him to go up by himself so I can put dishwasher on,shopping away etc. He's a super star so does :)

3.15 - 3.40 - do stuff above and take photo of arm. Also chop up some more of the Gudrun Sjoden catalogues.

3.40 - 4.05 - snack for girls, checking email etc. Update this list!

4.05 - 4.35 - randomly surfing the web including looking at clothes I can't afford :)

4.35 - Anya pulls my plaster off my arm where I gave blood. She is good :)

4.36 5.16- putting oven on, getting pizza ready, chopping up more bits of paper but with a specific purpose this time - see 6.15 - 6.45 below.

5.16 - 6.15 Tea time, chatting with girls and Matt, sorting dishwasher etc

6.15 - 6.45 check emails/reply, open a very nice parcel and cover my new stockists folder with pretty papers :) Who wants a boring folder anyway!

Front of folder

Back of folder


6.45 - 7.10 - Bedtime routines for girls

7.20 - ask Matt to help me carry some magazines in from car. Got them from a fellow crafter :)

7.25 - 9-30 - tear pages out of magazines ready to go in inspiration book.

9.30 realise that I'm not going to get through all the magazines tonight and take laptop to bed to write tomorrow's Cuteable post

9.30 - 10.09  Write cuteable post and sort through cuteable emails.

10.10 - laptop off and sleepyland time :)

Exciting, non? :)

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dropstitch said...

Wow! You are a vision of organisation and productivity with a touch of pizzazz thrown in for good measure! I'm not going to be able to write my post for another few days, but I took extensive notes and did actually have an unusually busy day. I will share all in due course!