Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Declutter November

You would have thought that with just finishing Blogtoberfest I wouldn't want to do any more challenges but oh no! I'm taking part in Declutter November which is being organised by Louisa at The Really Good Life. Basically the gist of it is to get rid of at least one thing everyday. Now I'm not going to be posting about it everyday but there will be (at least) one thing going into the charity shop pile/bin everyday.

And this is after it was tidied! (Study Jan 2009)
We do have an awful lot of stuff in our house and we are getting much better at getting rid of stuff but this month's challenge might be just the kick up the bum we need. I'm going to try and sort a small specific area each day e.g. two kitchen drawers, the toy box etc. This way I won't feel overwhelmed and it shouldn't then take over my life too much!

As well as the main challenge there will also be some mini challenges where you can get rid of 5 items from a specific area - the one at the moment is garden/outside space. I'll try and do some of them but won't guarantee it!

If you too want to join in then head over to the main blog post and leave a comment to sign up :) Lets give the charity shops lots of stock before Christmas!


Twiggy said...

I am drowning in a sea of clutter mainly bike bits and Dr Who stuff !!
Twiggy x

Hearts and Cupcakes said...

thanks for this, it something I need to do so have joined. Looking forward to reading your posts on how you are getting on.

Emily said...

My house sure could use some decluttering...hey you're one of the winners of my zine giveaway, congratulations! Email me your address at millicentcrow AT gmail DOT com and I'll pop a zine in the post for you.

Tip Top said...

What a good idea!!!