Tuesday, 15 November 2011

These are very me!

These patches are very me :) I'm an eternal optimist and make my neighbour laugh at my optimism about the weather in the North West of England. If it's not raining I will hang the washing out even if there are big black clouds looming :) One is destined for my patch blanket (when I get round to making it!) and I'm not sure what the other one will be used for.

Patches from here.

P.S. All of the proceeds from the sale of the patches goes to the It Gets Better Project.


linda said...

Oh, I love them! What a great find.

And, I am with you... life is so much more fun if you look on the bright side x

embellished said...

Ooh I love them!

Twiggy said...

Ooooo that is usually my mantra :) They are fab, will have to purchase a couple.
I'm optimistic on the washing front, but always seem to make it rain :)
Twiggy x