Wednesday, 4 June 2008

7 miles today!

Well I walked (and ran a little of it) just under 7 miles today. It was possibly a little bit more or a little bit less as we detoured off to go and see the Singing Ringing Tree. Well I did as Tara had fallen asleep at this stage! It's a big sculpture that 'sings' when the wind blows through it. You get some fantastic views from up there and I'll definitely be going back. I kept seeing lots of little paths off the road but they had great big stiles so we couldn't go down those ones as I'm not strong enough to get the pushchair over the stiles yet!! Maybe on Sunday. Tara thought it was hilarious when I ran and her favourite thing to do was shout go and then I started running. I ran faster when I had the pushchair as we tended to run on the flat or going downhill. Here's a map of the route - cos I like pictures in posts!

The little line off in the middle is where the Singing Ringing Tree is - well I think so that's why the distance isn't accurate. My pedometer is officially rubbish - it said I did 2,000 steps and covered 0.9 of a kilometre so I think I'm going to ditch it. Bloody Tesco rubbish for you!!

Well I'm doing some sewing this afternoon so hopefully things to show you later.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I'm highly impressed, and with the pushchair too.
My exercise for today was a bouncing session on the trampoline with Evie. Great fun but the weight difference means sometimes you hardly get airborne and other bounces send you flying :o)

Tip Top said...

Wanna try our tramploline??? Its HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And get Tescos to count the bounces hehehe!!

Jackie said...

We went on Spring bank holiday Monday and you couldn't even walk or stand up straight let alone run it was soooo windy. And the tree was just making howling gale sounds, no notes.