Thursday, 19 June 2008

The chicken's are up to summat*

This is what greeted me this morning when I came downstairs. The three custom chickens I made last night were acting very suspiciously in the chair and they quickly scurried away from each other when they saw me coming. I swear there was a nonchalant whistle too from one of them!

Maybe they were planning to take over the world - too bad that they have been split up then to go to their new homes although the stripy and psychedelic chickens will be in the same house for a little while. I'd watch out for them Mel!

In other chicken news my friend Alex bought me some chicken knickers the other day!!!!! I've only opted to show you the pattern as you don't really need to see pics of voluminous knickers!

Cute aren't they?

*it's a quote from Chicken Run just in case you didn't realise!


Tip Top said...

Hehehe! The little monkeys!! Well, chickens, but you know what I mean!

ClaireP said...

LOL! and nice chicken pants! ;)

twiggypeasticks said...

Ha ha cute chicken knickers!! I think that cheeky threesome were certainly up to no good!
Twiggy x