Monday, 23 June 2008

Button update!!!

Ok so I am officially thrilled with the buttons! I have counted the amount of buttons in one of the tubes and going by the price on the tube (5p per button) I have £16 worth of buttons in just that one tube! Ok the buttons are small and it's one of the fuller tubes but there are tubes that go up to 16p per button! Would it be very sad to figure out what the whole lot would be worth if I bought them now? The prices on the tubes are oldish - 1980's - so if I add it all up then I could see the price 20 years ago. That would be sad though right?? I counted the tubes and there are 183!!

Oh I also meant to say that I got some other bargains too but they will have to wait for another day :)


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!!! I love the tubes too!!

Victorian Lady said...

What a deal! :) Have fun with them!


Jane said...

I am a button freak--- I just received some I bought today in the mail- it made my day!!