Wednesday, 25 June 2008

New thank you cards

So the other day I ran out of thank you cards to send out with my sales and needed to make some more. The ones I had made before weren't very me (a flowery thank you stamped folded card so I could write in the inside) So I had a bright idea! Some new flat cards with a cheeky chicken on the front (what else!) and a sticker on the back with my details. All on repurposed cardboard from cereal packets etc naturally!

They do the job, I don't have to scrabble around for a pen to write a note inside, they are recycled, they show my 'unique' art skills (!) and they use up half of the cardboard as my others did - result!

On another note my sewing machine is being repaired this afternoon and won't be back for just over a week so my chickens and other things that need sewing have all gone out of my Etsy shop for the time being. If you desperately need a chicken doorstop then I might be able to borrow one from a friend :)


Andreanna said...

Those are so great for you!

Tip Top said...

Hehehhee! These are great!! Love the Cheers Chick one!!

Daisie said...

I really like these!
Take a look at my blog, are you a mind reader?!

Allison said...

So cute and fun!