Monday, 9 June 2008

Baking set

So for Darcies party yesterday I made a baking set with cute little apron, some child friendly recipe cards, baking equipment and a drawstring bag for it all to go in. I stupidly forgot to get a picture of it before I wrapped it up but here's a picture of one I made for Emily last year so you'll get the general gist!

The recipe cards were different this time as I included ones that told simple recipes in pictures so that Darcie could follow them. The apron was also slightly different as I edged it all red gingham fabric and did a velcro fastening neckline so it can grow with her! I didn't get the chance to personalise Darcies either as my sewing machine has been behaving badly! It needs to last up until Thursday evening as I have a little boys birthday present to make and my Dad's fathers day one too! It needs to go into the shop but I'm hoping it will last until the last weekend of June as Matt and I are away that weekend and I can drop it off on the Thursday morning and pick it up on the Tuesday. Fingers crossed that Janine (the Janome) will last that long!

Anyway I'd better go as I have little ones who need to go to bed and they aren't following shouted instructions from here to tidy up the dining room so I'd better go and help!

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Tip Top said...

Kids are useless at shouted instructions!

That baking set is fab - are you going to sell them??!! I bet she was chuffed to bits with it!