Thursday, 12 June 2008

Aaaaah - Cuteable down!

We think it's a server issue as we can't even log in the C panel section on our hosting thingy (see I'm technical me!) I'm not even sure if people from Cuteable check here but I think I'll add something to Cuteable in the future so that people will know where to check if Cuteable goes down. Phew - hope that makes sense!! We are raising a ticket with the hosting company and we'll see if that gets us anywhere!
Fingers crossed it will be back soon!

Update at 6.20 - a card on the server is faulty and they are replacing it - lets hop it doesn't take too long!

Update at 8pm - it seems to be back now - yeah!! just don't breath on it because it might break again!


Tip Top said...

eeeeekkkkkkkkkk!! How will I live without Cuteable???!!!!!!

Hope its better soon!

Tizzalicious said...

Luckily it's back! :)