Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The charity shop gods love me!!

Be warned that this is a picture heavy post!

First I got the buttons and then on the way back from the sewing machine shop (nothing wrong with it I'm just an idiot!) I spied a parking space outside the Colne Road branch of Pendleside Hospice charity shop. I'd never been in before so I thought I would have a look. Well the woman in there was the rudest woman I have ever met who works in customer service (apart from a lady in Poundland) but the goodies in there were fab!!

I got this fabulously retro toy making book - I'm going to have fun with this when I get some time!

I got some cute pink fabric with these small details - it would make great chickens!

Some needlecraft magazines that date from the early 1950s - there are some lovely items in there and the adverts are great!

A commemorative scarf from 1977!

A wonderful apron that is so bright and colourful - more photo's on my Flickr soon.

Some hooks and eyes (always useful) and a new hanky! I also got lots of linens to practise my embroidery on and some more to use for packaging up items. Oh and some patterns and books to cut up. But the best of all is waiting until last - and I got it at my favourite charity shop, Only Foals and Horses in Burnley (I'm so pleased we called in there on a whim!) This gorgeous quilt was £1.99. Yep only £2 new English pounds.

It's double the size it looks in the first photograph so it will easily fit onto our bed! And so this is why the charity shop gods are smiling on me this week! Lets hope it continues into the weekend when I will be in London!


Miss 376 said...

The quilt is gorgeous and I love the old pattern books. I have lots of old knitting pattern books and embroidery patterns, just love looking at them. Have even used some of them

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I think I hate you :o)!! That quilt is AMAZING!!! You lucky, lucky thing. My charity shop fairies had gone on a day trip to the seaside yesterday. I found nuffink!!
You've got a fab pic sorted for this week's 'This is...' then. I must go hunting for something.

Tip Top said...

Fab!!!! But no buttons???!!!!

Tizzalicious said...

Oh wow, such fantastic finds! That book is perfect!

Meridian Ariel said...

fantastic finds! the charity shops around here always have the dullest things. But I still keep trying!