Sunday, 19 July 2009

Artwork up

Some of the artwork I bought in the charity shop the other day made it up onto the walls! Organised!

One of the embroidered pictures up on the wall. The huge piece below is an indenture from 1838 showing the purchase of some land. I can't remember the exact details and I can't read the handwriting well enough to go and look at it now! We got it from a local auction.

The other embroidered piece up on the wall along with a family tree for Matt's side of the family and a copy of a line drawing of Matt's maternal grandfather.

And although I didn't buy this the other day I thought I would show it to you anyway. It's an oil painting of The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben that we bought at a car boot sale for £5 when we lived down south. We only had £7 left and we thought it would be way over budget but it wasn't!

The artwork is only a temporary thing in the dining room as when I was putting the pictures up I found damp so they will all have to come down when we re-do the dining room. It will be done after the front room though which also has damp - and the kitchen and utility room. Oh the fun of living in a 120 year old house!


Tweed Delights said...

I'm glad you put the link to 'indenture' - love this kind of stuff!

Ach, damp - just adds a bit of character :)

Art4Sol said...

What great finds!