Saturday, 25 July 2009

Funny signs

I love taking photographs of signs I find amusing whilst I am on holiday - here are some of the ones I have spotted so far.

Catfish Cabin - just love the huge sign with the catfish. Not really amusing but I like it anyway :)

One I spotted whilst driving through roadworks

Fillies - need I say more!

Golden Rule Bible school - just because!

A stark warning that you really should listen to - don't make meth your reality!

And this one was my favourite - whoremongers and all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire :) I like the fact that divorce and television is included on the board too. Matt says I'm going to Hell for mocking - good job I don't believe in Hell then isn't it!


theothermousie said...

They are great!! I like the 'low shoulder' - makes me think of someone with poor posture! We have a sign near us that's 'Raised Cats Eyes' - I always imagine cats with thheir eyes wide open meowing & tutting at us - well it makes me giggle anyway! Don't even get my children started on 'Heavy Plant Crossing'!!!! Hope you're having a great holiday too xxx

Jennifer Rose said...

well at least hell would be warm :p I love seeing signs from different places. I still get a laugh out of some of the signs I see here because they are so different from the ones I see in Canada

I always have people telling me I'm going to hell, and they get even more upset when I tell them I don't believe in hell.

Tweed Delights said...

Fab post - I love them all :) Must mean I'm going to Hell too!!

Tip Top said...


Lisa Clarke said...

Those are great! I'm curious where you were - doesn't look much like my corner of the U.S, LOL! I guess we're a big enough country to have regional peculiarities all our own :-)

Rita said...

Whoah, what the heck is up with that sign?! LOL! Where did you see that?