Friday, 17 July 2009

Charity shop finds

When coming back from a crafty meeting yesterday Bumble got into a parking space all by himself and made me go charity shop shopping - honestly!! He's a persuasive camper van that Bumble :)

The first thing I bought was this dress for Anya for £1 - she loves it and it is in the washing machine as I type!

I also spotted these flick books for 50p each. I used to love these as a child and the girls liked them too.

I also bought some new artwork for the dining room. The photographs don't do these pictures justice - they are beautifully embroidered onto some sort of silk.

Just look at the work that has gone into this one - a bargain at £30 I think.

And this one was only £5 - it needs cleaning and I'm going to see if I can do that soon. I think all the pictures came from the same person as the donater number (for claiming tax back) was the same for all 3 pictures. There were lots more but I these were my favourites.

Not bad for less than an hour's enforced shopping trip :)


clare's craftroom said...

Well thank goodness you had to go shopping , good scores !

Jennifer Rose said...

great finds :) the embroidered pieces are lovely

bumble def. has to park by himself more often ;)

nifty thrifty said...

darcy, my dog, sometimes makes me go have a quick snoop in the charity shop ... and then makes me give her a biscuit afterwards. I'm so duped ...

sharie said...

I had a friend called Debbie who did pictures just like those. I forgot where she leant the technique - Uni I think but forgot which.
I love the pictures and well doen with the sweet dress.

Tip Top said...

Hehehhe! Bad Bumble!!

natural attrill said...

great finds!
i love charity shops!