Monday, 6 July 2009

A day in the life - 5th July 2009

I've been meaning to do one of these posts for a while but have never managed to get round to it! This one fell on the day of my craft fair at the Lancaster Steiner School so I managed to detail everything for you.

6.30am The alarm went off but we snoozed it twice!

6.46am Got up and went in the shower

7.01am Got dressed and looked in my jewellery stash for something to hang my new (handmade by me!) pendant on - photos at some stage this week.

7.15am Kettle on

7.30am Sorted stuff into my new handbag as the old one broke in a Disneyland related incident.

7.31am Splashed fruit tea destined for my flask all over this list (handwritten at that stage)

7.36am Stopped faffing and ate breakfast

8.05am Loaded my stock into Bumble

8.45am Left home for the fair

9.15am Waved at another VW campervan - the first I've seen whilst driving Bumble :) I was very excited.

9.45am Arrived at the school (after turning into a tiny road that was a nightmare to reverse Bumble out of) and set up my stall.

10.50am Watched the girls playing in the garden

10.55am Got on with some embroidery

11.25am Made my first sale of the day - a chicken doorstop, 3 lots of tags and a set of mini envelopes!

12.05 pm Lunchtime! Veggie kebabs with quinoa (sp) salad, pitta bread and lettuce followed by a big slice of carrot and walnut cake.

Then more selling and embroidery until

3.00 pm Pack up at the fair

3.30pm Leave the fair and realise that my headache has turned into a migraine.

4.45pm Arrive at home and promptly fall asleep on the sofa whilst the girls play and Matt watches the tennis

5.45pm Matt wakes me up and sends me up to the Chinese for tea :) Such hardship!

6.05pm Teatime. The girls had chicken fried rice, Matt had Chicken Cantonese style, no carrots with fried rice and I had crispy chicken strips with salt and pepper with fried rice - it was yummy!

7.05pm Put the girls to bed after a story

7.10pm to 7.40pm Put the rubbish out for collection, washing on and empty the dishwasher.

7.40pm til 8.15pm Check emails, blogs, upload photos and pack up a Folksy order.

We watched the end of Back To The Future and then went to bed at 8.50pm - lightweights!

And I actually remembered to get some photographs of my stall this time!!

If you head over to my Flickr page then you can see notes on each photograph to see what all the goodies are.


nifty thrifty said...

Your stall looks lovely. I like your idea of using the little photo thingumies for putting your prices on. You are a clever lady - always something new!

Tip Top said...

Wow! All looks good!! Hope the sales were as tempting!

twiggypeasticks said...

Looks fab, hope you sold loads
twiggy x

Daisie said...

You are so tactful; disneyland related incedent!? You are way too kind, I would have grassed her up to blogland!!

Tweed Delights said...

Your stall looks fantastic - what a busy day! Congrats on the sales :D

Jennifer Rose said...

busy busy day :) your stall looks really good :D

bohemianmumma said...

I'm worn out just reading about it! The stall looks fantastic. One of these days I'll get my act together (and enough stock Lol) and have a go at a real life craft fair!
How is Bumble? Still buzzing along happily I hope :)

Tizzalicious said...

Your stall looks so great!