Monday, 29 August 2011

Another thing turned into envelopes!

Lots of things are upcycled into envelopes in my house - book pages, thick magazines, the pretty insides of larger envelopes (just reverse them and trim to size!) being just some examples. The latest thing is vintage sewing pattern envelopes. Some have already been turned into gift tags but some were too tatty or didn't have the right size picture on the front.

Hence the envelopes :) Pretty eh and it means one less thing for the recycling bag! I've got my eye on some old record sleeves now......


Therese said...

Love the tags.
Where do you find these fantastic things? I must becthe unluckiest person in charity shops/ junk shops etc as I can never find any lovely things.

Vic said...

What a good idea! I'd be happy to get that cute envelope in the mail.