Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vintage maps

I love vintage maps but what I love more are damaged vintage maps - that's because I have an excuse to chop them up and turn them into pretty things! I have recently been making sets of vintage map stickers and have listed two lots in my shops.

Canadian map stickers

UK and Ireland Map stickers
If you are looking for particular countries or areas of countries then give me a shout as I may have a damaged map waiting to be prettified :)

P.S. The tidying saga is taking much longer than I thought but windows are being washed and carpets cleaned so that's why. I think we are tackling Anya's room today.......


Lyn said...

I love maps full stop!
great idea to use damaged one's though.

Therese said...

Love the map stickers! Shall take a look at your other pretty things on etsy.