Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fly me to the moon!

Well to Huntsville anyway!

We stood under one of the engines of Saturn 5 (that thing is huge!)

We walked in Neil Armstrongs footprints :)

We saw what it was like to be in the flight module (think that's the right term!) I didn't go in as I had a dress on and nobody wants to see my legs up in the air :D

We landed the space shuttle.

We played for ages in the replica of the laboratory on the International Space Station. The girls were coming up with lots of different experiments to do and loved turning all the levers and buttons.

We went into space!

And when we got there we posed in front of the lunar lander and marvelled at how the lunar buggy could fold up so neatly and compactly :)

Can you tell we had lots of fun?


Daisie said...

Hope you're having a great time! xxx

jojoebi said...

Ebi-kun is sooo jealous!

Twiggy said...

wow that looks such fun !! I tried to email you last night but my email is playing up!!
Anyhoo, your chicken was in The cross stitcher !! I know a famous person!
twiggy x