Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Magazine fiend

That's me - a magazine fiend. And I love the thrift stores in the USA as they often have lots of old homes/craft magazines for 25c each. Imagine my delight when I went into one and found a HUGE rack chock full of Martha Stewart Living and Homes and Gardens etc all at 25c each :) As these would have been ridiculously heavy to bring home I flicked through them in the hotel and tore out the pages I wanted to keep for my inspiration book/s. In a different thrift store I spotted a pile of new paper folders and treated myself to a couple so I could keep the aforementioned pages nice and neat.

See? Nice and neat! So I think my plan for today is to add these pages to my ideas/inspiration books. I'll need lots of sellotape!


Lyn said...

I buy so many magazines and also rip ot things to inspire but then I never seem to look at them again!xxx

Tweed Delights said...

Great idea - love the sound of your inspiration books :)