Friday, 5 August 2011

Chatting to locals is good!

We got chatting to a lady who works at the hotel we are staying in about places to eat and she recommended that, if we got chance, we should try Paynes Drugstore for their red slaw dog. We did and it was delicious - they also did some yummy ice cream that I nearly didn't get as I was pronouncing pecan 'pea-can' rather than 'pe-corn'! Anyway we got that sorted and then had a chat with the older guy who worked there - it was a family run business so we think he was grandfather.

You can see him top right in the picture above. His grandkids were working in the diner too and he said that he was taking them to a water park later in the afternoon to cool off and he gave us directions (we wouldn't have found it on our own or even known it existed!) We didn't go that day (it was 98 degrees and we were just too hot!) but we turned up at 10am the next day to see this.

The girls were besides themselves with excitement and best of all, it was free!

It pays to chat to locals :)

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Carrie said...

WOW - We have little areas like that water park now in BELFAST but they aren't really as neccesary as your needs!!!
What's red dog slaw as the hubby made a gorgeous grated homegrwon beetroot and turnip, balasmic vinegar goregousness - is that the same????
You kids are so happy looking :)