Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New packaging

My printer has decided that it will not print onto cardboard now - not even thin cardboard.

This is what my packaging used to look like but won't now because of silly temperamental printers! Instead I dug out my trusty typewriter.

And made the following

Sorry for the really awful picture - it's the same info as the first ones, just typewritten rather than printed!

And what is this packaging for I hear you shout! My knitting needle bracelets that I have been making this morning for a wholesale order :)

Excuse the tea towel - they were drying after their dip in hot water! I'll get a photograph of the bracelets on their packaging when I get a photo of the whole order :) Which will hopefully be tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

These are great...I love them!

Tweed Delights said...

What a fab idea - they look great! :) My mind was boggling over 'knitting needle' bracelets - it's all clear now! :D

made with love said...

very clever. My only thought is where did you find such colourful Knitting needles?
Well done. Another great and original idea.
Rachael XX

linda boucher said...

These are super cool... I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused/boggled/intrigued by you and your crafty ways :)

And congratulations on the wholesale order!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Great idea, I love wearing the one you sent me. I prefer your typewritten packaging. I miss that typeface - am I an old fogey? don't answer that :)
Twiggy x

TheMadHouse said...

I love the typed ones rather than the printed one and love the knitting needle bracelets.

Lyn said...

Oooh nice, like them!
The Trusty Typewriter packaging is just as nice anyway!

~~**sKySiE**~~ said...

I much prefer the tags done on the typewriter! They suit handmade items more :) I love the bracelets aswell

june at noon said...

Love the bracelet idea. I think you're on to something! ;)

RedorGrayArt said...

i like the step by step photos of this post...tea towels works!!

WendyCarole said...

love the knitting needles

Tip Top said...

Phah to technology!!