Thursday, 17 April 2008


For want of a better title! I can't believe that I am nearly up to 200 posts!! I think I talk too much! Well not a lot to say really other than I am busy sewing more business cards as we are away this weekend and finishing them off is something I can do while sitting chatting to everyone - good multi tasker me! I've also got some new things up in my Etsy shop - you have seen the button brooch already so I'll not bore you with that again but I have a new chicken doorstop up too. She's called Gertrude as 'red, black and white chicken' just didn't have that nice ring to it!!

Of course there were the jokes about what is black, white and red all over? The new Swirlyarts chicken of course! I prefer a sunburnt zebra as the punchline but Gertrude was having none of it!


Tip Top said...

Love this chicken!! Can I blog about it? You see how easy that trips off my keypad now?!!

Tip Top said...

Opps! Forgot to say - oooooooohhh! Nearly 200 - good milestone eh?!! Congratulations on being 2 away!

Daisie said...

A penguin in a blender is also a good punchline to that one, also (in polite company) a newspaper will do!!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Woop woop! Nearly at 200 - well done. Keep talking tho'. We do like to listen :0)
Love Gertrude. Also like the spotty one on etsy.