Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April already - and handbag!

I cannot believe that it is April already! Where is this year going to? The car had to go in for a service this morning so me and Tara dropped it off this morning and went for a walk around town. Obviously I had to go into the charity shops and I got a few bargains - you will have to wait to see them though as the weather here is appalling and the photographs won't come out. I did get a photograph this morning though of the contents of my handbag - lots of people in blogland are showing off the contents of their bags so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon! I think it has been organised by 3 Buttons and it looks like there is a challenge a week. Good blog fodder I believe!

So here are the contents of my handbag. Quite boring when you look at it!

Wad of tissues
Chewing gum
Tartan bow - not sure why as it doesn't have a clip or anything so it's not actually practical!
Butterfly hair clip
Two lots of lip balm
My cute apple and worm business card holder with my own and Cuteable business cards
Swirlyarts chicken bag that hubby had custom made for me!
Business cheque book - it's huge!
Ideas book made from a scrap of wallpaper and envelopes/scrap paper for the pages.
Nappy and wipes

I didn't take a picture of the pile of screwed up receipts and tissues that were hiding at the bottom of my bag! If you head over to my flickr photo's you will see the same photograph but with notes!


Tip Top said...

All very practical!!

three buttons said...

Hello! I'm so happy to see you are playing 'This is...' Next week is 'This is my knick knack/jewellery box'.

Your right about the year going so fast! Even when I try to slow my lifestyle down it still speeds ahead.