Wednesday, 23 April 2008


So I know I was going to post about my button brooches but I'm going to write about some publicity that I have been receiving lately. The first bit of publicity was from Muddle Jewellery who featured me in a Treasury she made over on Etsy. I think Chicken Pox fitted right in!!

There he is cosying up to the green and white spotty bag on the second to bottom row. Thanks Muddle!

And imagine my surprise when I logged onto Dawanda this morning to look for things for Cuteable and there were my recycled chicken gift tags staring back at me! And in the top row too!

Right, that's it from me today as I have just put Tara down for a snooze so Anya is going to help me tidy the craft room :)

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Tip Top said...

Fantastic!! And also featured on my little blog too!! The fortune is just waiting for you!