Monday, 7 April 2008

Good start to the two week holiday - not!

Matt was due to take the big car to the airport this morning as the little one was very low on fuel but he came back in about 5 minutes after he had left saying he was taking the little one as the big car had a puncture! So we had an exciting ride out in the tow truck to Kwik Fit with the car following us which the girls found very exciting. We also got to eat lunch out which was good and I got two compliments on well behaved children - smug mum mode now!

This morning also found me finishing up the wholesale order. The vast majority of the work was done over the weekend and I just had fiddly things like writing invoices etc to do. Here are some pictures of what was sent off.

Knitting needle bracelets. The more eagle eyed among you will notice the new packaging - it still needs work as the cardboard is a bit thin. What do you think?

Some Peter and Jane badges - taken from vintage ladybird books. I love choosing which part of the page are going to become badges - and I have some left for more badges and even some tags!

Some London Underground badges - not as satisfying to make but they are proving, along with the matching tags, to be quite popular.

Snoopy badges! I used to love Snoopy when I was younger and I still like reading through the books now. I also like finding little gems like this one below - an angry Woodstock! I was going to keep it for myself but then I decided to let it go.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Wow!! I've had a peep on etsy site too. You've been a busy lady! I love the 'angry woodstock' badge. Will have to check back to see when he's listed on etsy.
The new packaging is very classy. It shows your work off really well. Fab stuff!

Tip Top said...

The packaging looks good - it doesen't look flimsy at all! Looks like big wholesale order too! Yeah!!

stevecraftshapes said...

Love the badges! Trying to spend a little more time looking at the great work of fellow crafters. Your stuff is great, I don't know how you get the time to be so productive!! May I ask what badge machine you use? I've been looking at a few myself.

Swirlyarts said...

I use a very simple Super Badge It machine I'm afraid - nothing fancy!! I looked at proper badge making machines at one stage but they were very expensive so not for me :)