Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wednesday weigh in!

Well I haven't lost any weight this week but I haven't put any on so I am still 12 st 5. Not bad seeing as I haven't been trying this week at all!

I'm slowly sorting out the craft room and actually managed to get into the eaves storage yesterday to go through all my old teaching things and sort them out into 2 piles - one for Anya's school to have a look through and one for the tip! We also got rid of a load of Matt's old training manuals that he hasn't looked at in 2 years - and it's stuff that goes out of date easily. So last night was spent by me tearing off the front covers which can't be recycled and ripping out the spiral binding - ditto. I was watching Project Catwalk on You Tube though as I was doing it - I've got the last one to watch tonight so I will see who wins!! So exciting!!

For those of you who wanted to see business cards I have been making some today but the light was terrible here so I haven't taken any photographs yet. I do however have a photograph of the gorgeous coin purse made for me which I am going to use as a business card holder.

It's by Sarah from Saysie and it's perfect for what I need! It came super quickly too and is very beautifully made. Sarah also makes jewellery too as Hope Jewellery. Gotta give you a plug Sarah!

Right well I will be back tomorrow hopefully with photographs of the business cards and if not then takes of how the tidying has gone tomorrow - we will have all day doing it!


Tip Top said...

I am also the very proud owner of a Saysie purse (my ipod shuffle is very happy!)

Saysie said...

Thank you for the mention Lynsey! I'm so pleased you like my purse.