Friday, 4 April 2008

A huge project!

And it's not really one that is fun but is essential. Turning boring white business cards into my magnificent Swirlyarts business cards. And I've got 2,500 of the buggers to do!

First I need to punch out swirls into them and then I need to choose the offcuts of my fabric and sew those bits to the back - a bit labour intensive but they look good when finished and make my cards a bit different. I even had a lady once at a fair who wanted several as she collected unusual business cards - I didn't refuse! Here's Tara trying to figure out if she can help in any way!

And as you can imagine I have lots (about 2,500 when finished!) of the little cardboard swirls left over - I will be keeping some for myself but if anyone would like any then leave a comment and I'll get in touch for your address.

250 down, 2,250 to go!


Miss Crafty said...

HI there,
I'm not entirely sure how I can incorporate them but am in the middle of trying to plan my wedding and given we're trying to do as much of it ourselves I'm sure I'll find a way of using them!
Also, would you be interested in being a COTW (Crafter Of The Week) for my site?
Miss Crafty

craftyjan said...

loads of swirls could be used on cards or scrapbooking i dont need any but im sure someone will take them of your hands

Tip Top said...

Yeah, go on! Save some for me!!! I have an idea hehehehe!!

Daisie said...

Would love some swirls, thought you may have offered last night and I was too shy to ask, yes give some to me!!! I have had an idea, be scared, be very scared!!!

Steve said...

Hi Swirly,

I saw you post on the forum. I'm not after any swirls, but thought it was a great simple idea to cut out a shape in your business cards to make them interesting. Then to add fabric - very nice ideas!!!

I'd love to see what the finished card looks like?

Kipper workshops/

Tizzalicious said...

I love that you make your own cards!

jennyflower said...

I would love some swirls please! (I can swap them for another two helpfull children if you like?)

SewToBed said...

Where did my other comment go?

If you have any left I'd love some as I've just thought of a use for them. Thanks.

Swirlyarts said...

I'm afraid that I am going to have to withdraw my offer of swirls now as I don't have any left!!! I may have some more in the future and I'll be sure to post here!