Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Busy day!

I have a busy day planned today - we are going to a local play centre with some friends to have a big run around and a play and hopefully I will get some sewing done! I'm not planning on staying long after lunch as the magazine pages are nearly all done and I would like to get a photograph to show you the before and after pictures! I also got a lovely white linen skirt at the charity shop yesterday and I'm going to make it a bit brighter and more colourful so I might get something done towards that today - if I can find the fabric I want in all the mess upstairs!! Oh and the craft room still needs finishing off!!
See you later!


Tip Top said...

Hope the running around tired the girls out so you can get lots of stitching done!!

Daisie said...

Good to see you this morning, good playing had by all! Can't wait to see your swirly-ed skirt!!